How to use your android cell phone as a speaker for your PC?

When the speaker of your computer is damaged, or the speaker is in urgent use, or you don’t have money to buy a speaker, you can use your android cell phone as your computer speaker. And if you have an android cell phone that you don’t use, and the cell phone player is loud. You can save money on a set of speakers. To do this, you only need to download and install M-SPEAKER.

With M-SPEAKER you can use your android cell phone as a speaker for your PC. It can play audio from your PC to Android cell phone by Wi-Fi or USB. It can practically play any sound that is playing on your PC.

You can play music on your phone even if you’re roaming around in different rooms of your house. 

Now Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1: Install M-SPEAKER (free) app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Download and install M-SPEAKER Server.

Note: The server is available only for Windows.

After installed, you must run M-Speaker Server at first on your Pc. As below

Step 3: Connect your Android cell phone to the same Wi-Fi network as of your PC or connect the cell phone via USB port.

Step 4: Open M-SPEAKER app on your cell phone and touch the ‘CONNECT TO YOUR PC’ button once.

Step 5: The following four buttons correspond to the four ways to connect to the computer. The first button is to automatically search the computer, click the computer to connect, the second button is to connect the computer by scanning the QR code on the M-Speaker Server, and the third is to enter the IP address to connect the computer, the fourth is connect PC via USB port. Touch any of them to connect to the M-Speaker server on the computer.

Step 6: After connecting to the M-Speaker server, the cell phone will enter the play screen and play it automatically. If there is no auto play, click the play button.

Overall the app works perfectly fine. You may hear little lag while playing the audio. However, its a perfect replacement when you don’t have good speakers for your PC.